Stickysmash - Trading STD's

Posted by stickysmash on Feb. 17, 2014

We are a band that dreams of making music for people to listen to. We want to have it available for you for free. You can help us by liking the videos we make and subscribing to our channel. We have our very first album online to download for FREE or pay what you want. All profits go towards getting back into the studio to make more music. ALL MUSIC WRITTEN AND RECORDED BY ANDREW ZAJAC AND STICKYSMASH VIDEO RECORDED AND EDITED BY EVAN NELSON AND ANDREW ZAJAC LINK TO VIDEO AND MUSIC- http-// CONTACT THE PUBLISHER OF THIS VIDEO- YOU MAY NOT RE-USE OR RE-DISTRIBUTE THIS MEDIA IN ANY FASHION ALL VIDEO AND MEMES USED IN THE BACKGROUND ARE PUBLIC DOMAIN AND CAN BE USED FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES. HERE IS A LINK TO ALL PUBLIC DOMAIN MEDIA SOURCES FOR ATTRIBUTION PURPOUSES- video Bacteria footage- https-// Coughs and sneezes- http-// couple walking- http-//, http-// champagne cork- http-//, http-// i am a doctor- https-// Jane russell- http-// meme herpes girlfriend- https-// another blowjob- http-// super grind- http-// warts on ass- http-// enjoy aids- http-// super orgasm- https-// no fun warts- https-// keanu http-// bananas https-//

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