Stephan Schurmann PowerConcrete TV Commercial

Posted by stephanschurmann on Sep. 03, 2012

Stephan Schurmann and his company PowerConcrete? Inc. will protect peoples life against any of these catastrophic events- • Fire • Flooding • Tornados & Hurricanes up to 250mph (F5 category) • Earthquakes up to 7 G • Drive by shooting • Mold and mildew • Termites & other bugs • Flying debris Technology & Expertise- Stephan Schurmann has created patent pending building systems for POWERCONCRETE™ and PowerFoamCrete™ structures, which are 7G earthquake resistant, 250mph wind resistant, from 2 hours up to more than 4 hours fire resistant, water resistant, black mold and termite resistant. When utilizing the POWERCONCRETE™ building system our structures are 300% faster to construct, last for 100 years plus & provide 50% - 75% energy savings.

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