Statement from the mother of Batman shooting suspect James Holme

Posted by Livetube on Jul. 24, 2012

Reading a statement she attributed to James Holmes mother, Arlene, San Diego-based attorney Lisa Damiani said Arlene Holmes comment You have the right person to an ABC reporter referred to herself, not James Holmes as some media have suggested. Arlene Holmes made the comment when the ABC reporter phoned her early Friday morning and asked if she was Arlene Holmes and if James Holmes was her son, Ms Damiani said. Her comment has been misconstrued to suggest she was not surprised by her sons alleged involvement in the shooting. At a press conference outside her office, Ms Damiani said the Holmes family is choosing not to discuss James Holmes or his relationship with the family at this time. She declined to answer questions about the familys whereabouts. The Holmes family were doing as well as they can under the circumstances, said Ms Damiani.

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