Star Trek Voyager Vs. Baywatch

Posted by FanboyFilms on Oct. 07, 2011

Some projects are never finished, just abandoned. Conceived as a followup to the TNG/Dallas mashup, I originally wanted to use just clips of the Voyager crew in the cabana on the holodeck. When that didnt pan out, I wanted to use alien planets with lots of sunshine. And lots of gratuitous sexy poses like Baywatch. Again, I grew weary of harvesting clips from the internet and not finding what I wanted. I just finished it with shots I thought looked nice, not much of a theme left. Titles worked out pretty well though. At least I got Janeway running in slow motion. Star Trek- Voyager is copyright Paramount, Ill Be Ready by Baywatch Productions, The Extreme from Killer Cuts by Rare, all used without permission.

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Tags star, voyager, kate, trek, ryan, mashup, baywatch, borg, mulgrew

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