Staples to Naples 2009 with Street Safari

Posted by stephents on Oct. 08, 2009

An epic quest to cross Europe, bond with the local populous and have some fun and drive Ferraris. We managed to rase over ?2.000 for Naomi House with our Ford GT 52 3/4. It crossed the Alps twice and ran flawlessly. The Team was; Richard Tucker Gavin Bashford Giles Martin Raz Sheik and Myself, Stephen Tsirtsonis Scened include the Vatican, St Peters Square, the Coliseum and the Ferrari Museum with the guys driving ferrari f430 spider. Also featuring; African Stig Stig Stig Roman Stig and Gimp Stig The car is not really a Ford GT but a cunningly disguised Ford Mondeo Diesel. If you still wish to donate to the Naomi House trust we are still taking donations at http-// Most of the video recorded with a Cannon HD20, HD-20, most of the photos taken with a Nikon Coolpix S1

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Tags vatican, coliseum, ferrari f430 spider, roman african gimp stig, canon hd20 hd 20, nikon coolpix s1, home2rome, streetsafari

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