Standing Up To Monsanto & GM Crops - Percy Schmeiser Trailer

Posted by rcoones on Nov. 11, 2008

Presentation in England by Percy Schmeiser (Canadian Farmer) who stood up against Monsanto and won in court. This case could set precendent which can be used by others to stop contamination of their crops. In the past Monsanto has been sucessful in court aginst the little farmers, but now the tide is turning. Reportedly strong arm techniques were being used by Monsanto to get their way in the past. Has justice prevailed? He is touring the UK to spread his message. ------ Percy Schmeiser is a Canadian farmer whose land became contaminated with GM oil seed rape. Percy took on Monsanto in the courts to keep his right to save seed and has gained international recognition for his work in raising awareness of the knock on effects for farmers of GM contamination. In the past decade he and his wife have travelled the world recounting their astonishing experiences. In 2007 they were awarded the internationally recognised Right to Livelihood Award. The only venue in the South West will be at Kingston Maurward Col

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