Stand-Up Comedy

Posted by ChrisLyn48 on Sep. 02, 2009

visit the link - Gerry Katzman Writer, Comedian, Actor, Teacher Gerry Katzman teaches an incredibly supportive and popular comedy classes here in Los Angeles, California. After years of teaching comedy, Gerry began noticing a remarkable change taking place in his students. As the weeks of classes progressed, his students started looking even happier and healthier. A striking calm and confidence began asserting itself in their personalities. Performing stand-up was definitely having a therapeutic effect on them! Each week the students were being exposed to mega-doses of support, appreciation and laughter. As their unique, individual voices were being honored and encouraged and their health visibly responded. Working as a stand-up requires the unmasking of taboo topics. It requires you to be honest with your pain and fears. This commonly overlooked facet of stand-up comedy asks you to take the thing you fear the most and reveal it to the world throug

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