Stand-Up Comedian Penelope Lombard on Losing Virginity and Hymen

Posted by marghans333 on Mar. 06, 2013

Penelope Lombard co-hosting Professor Hans von Puppet on the After Dark Show. Penelope Lombard is a stand-up comedian and at the same time an essay writer. This week Professor Hans and Penelope are going to take up the topic on losing virginity and hymens. The hymen is intact when a lady is still a virgin but if not then its broken and irreparable. In some rather backward primitive cultures it is mandatory being a virgin when getting married. A way to test that is to check if a woman bleeds the first time a couple is having sex during their honeymoon. Professor Puppet After Dark is brought to you by Adam & Eve. Go to http-// right now and enter the Adam and Eve Coupon HANS at the checkout to get 50% OFF almost ANY single item of your choice. Plus FREE Shipping, FREE Hot DVDs, and even now a FREE Mystery Gift. Just remember to enter the keyword HANS at the checkout at http-// http-//

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