Sports injury? Accelerated natural pain relief and healing.

Alan Chesney, Olympic gold medalist, talks about an amazing device which he uses to radically bring natural pain relief and promote rapid healing from sports injuries e.g. knee injuries, joint injuries, ankle injuries, neck injuries, muscle injuries, tendon injuries, soft tissue injuries etc. This device is a combination of two healing strategies which lead to:- •improved blood circulation •improved oxygenation of cells and tissues •increased nutritional supply to cells and tissue •increased removal of metabolic waste and CO? •improved cell metabolism Basically that means that it creates optimum conditions for the body to heal. So the user has rapid healing and reduction/elimination of pain. When this little device is strapped on to the injury the body will start to heal and the pain will subside. It is portable, easy to operate, and can be used undetected under clothing while relaxing, playing or working. For more information visit: -