Sports Bloopers!

Posted by Davaajargal on Aug. 15, 2009

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If I had one dream it would be to die watching a video of sports bloopers. I belong to a small religious sect which believes that the soul is enriched by watching the suffering of others mainly through competition or sport. To say that the advent of sports bloopers movies was a revelation to my congregation is to not say enough. In gymnastics falls, football collisions, and innumerable horse racing catastrophes we have attained a level of enlightenment never before dreamed of. So naturally to slip loose this mortal coil while zoned in on a strongly spiritual experience is the only true way to die. Watching hilarious accidents and wrecks in great sports bloopers videos!The only reason to watch sports is for sports bloopers. Video evidence of the pinnacle of man and the horrible fall when it is not achieved. The blooper video has become the greatest of all internet videos. Bringing broken limbs and bruised egos to the masses. These sports catastrophes are the best of the best so don't mess with the rest.

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