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Posted by anon-i-mus on Dec. 13, 2013

"When we consciously drop the idea of who we think we are (form identities), we become a representation of the Divine; which is beyond all names, forms, roles, borders, distinctions, and confinements of the human mind. My whole effort is to help you go beyond your ego (social mask, self-image); this erroneous belief in the illusion of a "separate you" striving to seek outside validation to become a "somebody" (through comparison). You must disappear into your pure spiritual no-bodiness (non-beingness), the original formless presence of total Pure Awareness. Otherwise, you will undoubtedly be trapped (asleep) in the world of phenomenal form identifications and will inevitably experience a "so-called" personal story of human suffering." - Anon I mus Images from Google.com and Tumblr.com

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