SPIDER TUNNEL- Halloween Edition

Posted by mikeNgary on Oct. 07, 2012

The Spider Tunnel is a place next to a stream so many small flying insects love to swarm around the tunnel lights at night. Unlucky for the flying insects giant spiders also like to hang out here to eat them. This Halloween Mike and Marcus decide to see if they have survive the Spider Tunnel and unlock its secrets and mystery. FACEBOOK http-//www.facebook.com/mikengary Music by Kevin MacLeod (http-//www.incompetech.com) TAGS real scary ugly spider bite tarantula spiders fighting brown recluse huntsman giant black widow giant wolf spider giant scorpion vs spider worlds largest spiders bugs web spider jump south america south african feeding viral gross disgusting giant porch spiders flying insects eat creepy crawly worms halloween feasting prey funny death documentary

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Tags real scary ugly spider bite

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