Spider swarm attack in India

Posted by JTMUSIC on Jun. 04, 2012

You Have To Be Careful Watching This !! Spider swarm attack in India questioned by experts Rest easy arachnophobes, a recently reported attack by a swarm of tarantula-like spiders is probably no more reputable than the 1977 William Shatner clunker, Kingdom of the Spiders. The Times of India reported over the weekend that a swarm of aggressive spiders attacked dozens of people in the remote Indian town of Sadiya, killing two residents. One resident, Jintu Gogoi, told The Times that his finger was black and swollen after being bit by one of the spiders. The alleged attack, which was said to have occurred during a local festival, has been reported by a number of national news organizations, leading to speculation about whether a new species of spider could be responsible for the bites. However, CNN reports that spider experts are placing doubt on the claims made by the paper. The evidence that we gathered does not support the claim that they died after being bitten by spiders, said LR Saikia, who led a team of r

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