sphere pad printing machine

Posted by Xinyuan-Chu-905 on Apr. 28, 2013

We are the global manufacturer of Ball Printing Machine, Ball printing machine from 1~10 color, our machine electronic parts are from Germany FESTO and Japan SMC, or our machine have received good feedback from our customers. And we have got a good reputation in the market. 1. Whole machine adopt SMC or FESTO electronic part, also with servo motor drive, Ball linear guide to make noiseless and high efficient printing. The tolerance is within +/-0.02mm. 2. Automatic system to add ink- standalone ink pump to draw out ink for every printing color, without situation such as ink splashing, ink dry, ink go bad, do not need add auxiliary materials by manual ,stable ink performance. 3. PLC programmable controller, Human-Machine Interface of touch screen. All startup are in your fingers. 4. Automatic stoving system, be competent of screen dot printing, ensure perfect favour of printing pattern, and no impurity in rubber head. 5. Original creation of ball printing rubber head, provide independent air reservoir for ev

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