Special sadhanas by sadhus at the kumbh mela

Posted by sree222222 on Sep. 29, 2009

Kumbha mela reveals the most well hidden secrects of hindu ascetics. in this video we see sadhus performing the rare panchagni sadhana and the titeesha sadhanathe panchagni sadhana is performed by the sadhaka (ascetic) by meditating with five sides of fire. he makes a circle of fire around him and places the fifth fire on his head. panchagni sadhana is a very difficult part of the hatt yoga wingthe titeesha sadhana involves facing the sun with ones back for the whole day. the sadhaka faces west in the morning and ends the day in the east turning and meditating with the suns movement in the skys. it is amazing to see the difference in temperature of the ascetics body, the back burns at 45 degree centigrade while the fornt torso reaches minus 10 degrees centigrade. titeeksha is a very difficult part of the hatt yoga wing.

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