Spaced Out Clip SM

Posted by uFILMS84 on Jul. 22, 2009

For more movies visit: Holy cow! The planet earth is in peril of impending doom, and maniacal destructive forces from outer space are closely at hand! Twisted, demented alien terrorists are single-handedly about to reap horrific havoc on earth and threaten life itself. Meanwhile, ace investigative reporter extraordinaire, Al Manac (James Vallo), has been held captive for two years in their space lair, the victim of unending and unimaginable exploratory exams, which include degrading forms of probing.. Anxious to initiate their evil bidding, the aliens beam Al back home to earth in an attempt to force him to carry out their demonic plans. Can Al help truly save the planet earth? Parallel worlds of outer space sci-fi and day to day reality collide head-on in this comic tale of passion, paranoia, outrageous aliens, and last but not least, probing! http-//

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