Southkoreas BLUE SEA UNIT !

Posted by driedapples on Jan. 24, 2011

I saw a video about military action of Southkorea yesterday. Southkorea dispatched BLUE SEA UNIT last 21th.that unit consists of one stealth destroyer & 300 UDT soldiers. it supported the ship to sail securely.I heard Koreas UDT soldiers go through intensive training and they are quite known for its strength in the world.This military action called as the dawn of Aden Bay in korea was quite difficult for the unit to act. Because when they started taking action, they got in trouble since heaving seas and cramped cabinets. but they overcame this situation with intensive training like turning shooting & preliminary rifle instruction in a compartment that is customized to this kind of combat. Oman goverment also gave them much help.I think, their operation is very worth to show an example of strong punishment for pirates. I hope other countries can closely cooperate with one another on this probelm and uproot pirates hijacking.

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