Sounds of Coke Sample Audition

Posted by SoundsofCoke on Sep. 28, 2009

This is a sample audition for the new Sounds of Coca-Cola program with creators of the wildly popular Coca-Cola Facebook page, Dusty and Mike, offering tips for submissions. The premise for the new program is that while we may speak different languages, we all understand the language of Coca-Cola. Its that ahh sound we make after taking our first sip on a hot day or the phsst sound of bubbles being released. We want to see you speak Coca-Cola. Submit your video audition of you making the sounds of Coca-Cola and you may get to be in an upcoming Coca-Cola commercial. To participate in the casting call, you simply need to create an individual video, one minute in length, in which you impersonate the following sounds:?Opening a bottle or can or Coca-Cola?Ice cubes clinking as they drop into a glass?Pouring a Coca-Cola over ice?The fizzing of the Coke as it bubbles after being poured?The first drink of Coca-Cola ?That ahh moment of refreshmentVideos can be submitted at:

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