Something for the Weekend

Posted by iggy35 on Jun. 04, 2009

Ginger from The Wildhearts is doing a solo tour in May. This is a little something I cooked together to promote it..permission from the ginger one himself was given. http-// For gig dates and times check- http-// With special guest Tony Wright of Terrorvision CDs and Merchandise here- http-// Songs used- 1 - Why cant you just be normal all the time Track 08 from Yoni 2 - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Track 04 from Valor Del Corazon 3 - The Man Who Cheated Death Track 08 from Valor Del Corazon 4 - The Perilous Burden Of Prodigal Obligation Track 17 from Market Harbour 5 - This Bed Is On Fire Track 04 from Yoni 6 - You & Me (Thats What I Want) Track 15 from Market Harbour Update- Been featured on http-// already -) http-// and on the main page of the wildhearts website- http-// Britains Got Talent 2009 Shaheen Jafarg

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