Posted by IFCFilms on Aug. 13, 2009

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Thirtysomething photographer David (Stephen Mangan) has for some time been happily dating Lisa (Susan Lynch)... but increasingly he’s dreaming of Nina (The War Zone’s Lara Belmont), a tempestuous free spirit who seems to represent everything his loving, stable girlfriend is not. So what’s a man to do? From this all-too-familiar premise first-time writer/director Spector has crafted a funny, sad, and above all discomfortingly honest look at the male gender’s seemingly infinite capacity for self-deception – superbly performed by a talented ensemble cast, and directed with admirable economy and confidence. This well-crafted British independent might, if you’re a bloke, have you looking awkwardly at your shoes and wondering how someone got inside your head to find this stuff out....

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