Some Sort Of Response Special: After Dat

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Feb. 06, 2010

[maplesea] Cassiopeia [Starring] xdeee maddiefee rangerroxxd dragoonrazr sylverflame mryandao This is a special video, about a conversation among the SSOR cast after the shooting of the fifth episode. Please note that this is an educational video, and has nothing to do with the SSOR storyline. Or, in simpler words, this is just a behind-the-scenes video with a special appearance by mryandao. Lame lame lame. I know it's a very very very short video, but this is helping me with revising for my oncoming Physics paper (SG Secondary 2 syllabus). Maybe I'll make more educational videos. [Notice] This video is unofficially (and legally) released with permission into playpark forums. I will sue threadstarters who release my video without permission. F5. [MUSIC] The Biggest Dreamer - ????The Mysterious Ticking Noise - Harry Potter Puppet Pals [TAGS] Some Sort Of Response Maple Story maplestory maplesea SEA Cassiopeia Aquila Bootes Delphinus Episode One Two Three Four Five Cute Stupid Lame To Be Continued Prom Music Y

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