Solar led outdoor lighting string - 100 led

Posted by lizhenliang2 on Aug. 16, 2010

Always lighting and blinking create a festive atmosphere, the romantic city night Ambilight, and take home! Can adapt to the weather and snow frost will not be affected. 100PCS LED Solar panels 3V, 250mA Rechargeable battery 1.2V, Ni-MH, AA, 1000mAh × 2 Light control switch control Light and flashing light mode long Time on a sunny day light more than 12 hours Material ABS Features- ? No electricity, use of natural energy, energy saving. ? light control, auto control switch, two light modes - flashing, long light. ? No heat, no radiation, low consumption. ? reliable, safe, long service life. ? colors bright, visual appearance. ? No routine maintenance. China supplier- Email - Skype ID - chanceller819 http-//

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