Posted by TomKiesche on Jun. 23, 2010

Closet Singer # 32 The Closet Singer sings Soft by The Diviners, with very special guests, The Diviners... Off their new album- The 13th Generation... The Closet Singer is Tom Kiesche (http-// The Diviners are Damon Stout (vocals, bass) David Holcomb (vocals, guitar) Brian Stout (vocals, guitar, keys) Dave Drazga (vocals, drums). More information the Diviners at http-/ This video was produced by Big Quiche Productions and Creative (http-// Copyright 2009. Story behind the video- David Holcomb saw a few Closet Singer episodes, and pitched the idea of recording an episode with The Diviners with Tom, in the Closet... While it took a little while for Tom to figure out what song to sing... When David shared the mp3 of the song Soft, Tom instantly said yes. The music track was recorded in the closet at 11AM, and then Tom and The Diviners sang and recorded video till about 2PM... Look up Closet Singer, and The Diviners on Facebook... And buy the Diviners new A

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