Snowstorm Hits Sydney Nova Scotia and Brought more than 10 cm of

Posted by Lululululululuug on Jan. 23, 2013

Snow has Fallen down in Sydney Nova Scotia on Tuesday and Dumped more than 10 cm of snow on the ground and made roads covered with snow even the Main Streets are Covered with snow including Victoria Road, Welton Street, Grandlake Road, Charlotte Street and Car Tires were Spinning around and Sliding all over the road since the Main Streets are covered with snow and very slippery conditions and it is still snowing outside in Sydney and St. Albans Ave is also covered with snow too a long with other side streets and snowplow is going around down on Victoria Road and the Salt Truck too and people dont want to drive in the snow get a taxi because the roads is bad and snow covered and be very careful driving and dont get in the car accident.

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