Snowrafting - Extreme

Posted by ModelSpace on Jan. 02, 2011

Extreme Snowrafting in Hohentengen/Bad Saulgau (Germany). This is Rafting extreme in the snow. 6 Heroes fight against snow, gravity and the forceof nature. After month of technical tryouts, training in several european countries they tried out the Extreme Snowrafting Action. Fast rides, dangerous stunts und at least a technical fail is in the video - but they all stayed alive Jackass would get very pale when he could see this! Snowrafting Introtext: Once upon a time 6 heroes had to fight against snow, gravtiy and the force of nature. A bloddy, dangerous and destructive war started. Whatch this epic story Snowrafting extreme - don?t try this at home! Production: KoalaTV24 Coproduction: Rod Meier - This is jsut a fun video - without comercial interests...

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Tags stunts, rafting, epic, heroe, extreme sports, snowrafting, hohentengen, bad saulgau, rod meier, saulgau

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