Snow Blower Victoria BC

Posted by KarlJohanson on Nov. 25, 2010

We dont get snow here that regularly, so we usually use shovels to clear it. We got this snow blower two years ago, then finally had opportunity to use it today (Nov 25, 2010). Never used one before. This is way faster and (more importantly) way easier on the back. The camera is waterproof, so no damage was done at 40 seconds. The mailman came by while I was having a turn. He saw the idiot grin on my face & said, that looks really fun! He also asked if I could walk it in front of him while he finished his route- ) It would have been nice to have one of these in 1996, when we got a meter of snow in one night. Id like to try a few of these in a snow fight some day.

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