SNL style 2012 president debate spoof. Romney vs. Obama

Posted by Joshua-Bruce-330 on Oct. 14, 2012

Thank you so much for watching our video (or rough draft of our video). We hope you found it amusing and comical. We in no way are trying to take a political, religious, racial, or fiscal policy stand. We did as best as we could to keep the joke counts neutral and to present the candidates in more of a comical matter than a criticism manner. The purpose for making this video is to compete against other students in our college class at the University of Houston for views. Our grade on this assignment is based upon how many hits we can manage to get. So if you dont mind please watch again or post it to your facebook or whatever. Thank you. Overall we had a ton of fun making this video and hope you can tell we had fun. The national anthem at the beginning was sung by Whitney Houston, we are huge fans of hers and hope that she would be honored by us choosing her voice for our movie (even if it is only a few words).

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