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Posted by John-Lester-840 on May. 10, 2013

Read the entire Three Top Struggles to Stop Smoking - http-// For more stop smoking tips and smoking cessation programs - http-// Struggling to give up requires a lot of conversations, to yourself and also your family. There are 3 major obstacles you will come across when trying to stop smoking. Being cognizant of the struggles will aid you to draw up a plan to quit smoking. This plan can help you rise above these obstacles and end up in better health as a non-smoker. Struggle 1- Looking temptation right in the face. There is simply not one other way to put this. Everywhere you look all you see is cigs and more cigs. The number of people who you see lighting up is astonishing, but when you are striving to stop cigarette smoking it seems like the total amount of people you see smoking is quadrupling around you. While this is definitely no more than your thoughts playing tricks with you, it can be really difficult t

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