SlutBag Stationary! Cartoon Hangover Premiere! # 1

Posted by Frederator on Dec. 10, 2009

Whats up, NERDS!?  Here we are!  The Debut of Cartoon Hangover, the show that provides only the filthiest and dirtiest cartoons the internets has to offer!  But were going to wade into this like a pool.  We dont want to dive in and cause any shrinkage.The first cartoon were showing you is from Ben Ross called Slutbag Stationary.  Remember those Lisa Frank stickers?  And remember just how they were a little too sweet to be for reals?  Yeah, its like that. So leave a comment, rate it on YouTube, make Bailee (our cute-as-a-button host) feel at home.  She wants to know what your favorite way to bleep a swear is.  Leave it as a video response, a voicemail, a comment or send it via carrier pigeon.Ben Ross on the Internet: Submit: Voicemail: 888-414-8148

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