Slow Motion Skateboarding Fire, Fireworks, Smoke.

Posted by RideorDIE36 on Mar. 13, 2012

Insanely slow 500 frames per second of skateboarding with fire, fireworks, and smoke. I thought of doing this and am so happy it came together and Shomsky came to shoot it for us! Featured from the TRaPorDIE2 video featuring Jordan Garland, Dave Case, Randy Smith, Transitions Skatepark. Shot by- Adam Shomsky Edited- Jordan Garland and Kevin Zarycki Skaters- Kickflip- Dave Case Bs flip- Randy Smith Five-O Fakie- Jordan Garland Special thanks to Motor City Fireworks for supplying the Cyndi Lauper. Song is M83, used for promotional use only, no monetary gain, nor will there be. Promo use only. We arent claiming any ownership to this song.

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