Slow down dance lesson videos, analyze video footage

Posted by toddason on Apr. 08, 2010

Use Video Surgeon ( to slow down, zoom-in and loop dance video. Whether from your video camera, a dvd or downloaded from the internet, Video Surgeon helps you see and analyze dance video footage, helping both instructors and students to learn more quickly and easily. [05:07:31 08.04] Posting[05:07:31 08.04] Posting to Viddler[05:07:34 08.04] Logged in with toddason[05:08:07 08.04] SUCCESS! Video posted to Viddler[05:08:07 08.04] Posting to Bofunk[05:08:09 08.04] Logged in with toddason[05:08:10 08.04] Got captcha from Bofunk[05:09:21 08.04] SUCCESS! Video posted to Bofunk[05:09:21 08.04] Posting to Blip[05:09:22 08.04] Logged in with toddason[05:10:20 08.04] SUCCESS! Video posted to Blip[05:10:20 08.04] Posting to Clipmoon[05:10:21 08.04] Logged in with toddason[05:10:22 08.04] FAILED! Failed posting video to Clipmoon[05:10:22 08.04] Posting to Multiply[05:10:22 08.04] Logged in with toddason[05:11:19 08.04] SUCCESS! Video posted to Multiply[05

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