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Posted by taofledermaus on Oct. 16, 2011

12 channel compilation! A few weeks ago Slavezero1234 and I decided to invite any and all high speed camera users to join us in the collaborative effort to not only promote channels people may not have heard of but to connect viewers with these channels by showing some of their slow motion video work. It is difficult to collaborate with one channel muchless the 12 channels that took the time to send their slo-mo clips to us for this project. It was definitely a success and look for announcements for other projects in the future. - Billhaley1868 http-// - bowman580 http-// - CasioEXF1freak http-// - Smarter Every Day http-// - FuzzyDicePimp http-// - Origami768 http-// - PomTom44 http-// - SlaveZero1234 http-// - SlowMotionFTW http-//

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