Slingshot Flying Frog

Posted by lizhenliang2 on Aug. 16, 2010

They work like a slingshot and scream while flying. They are approximately 9 long and fly well over 50 feet. The harder you pull back, the further they will fly. Slingshot Frog flies with a loud ribbit croaking Sound! Product Features- Slingshot Frog flies with a crooooaaaak! Just pull him back and let him fly! Slingshot Flying Frog Ages 4 & up The Slingshot Flying frog is nothing short of outrageous! The frog can be shot long distances using his elastic arms. Put one or two fingers in the hand pockets, pull back and let go. As an added bonus, every time you shoot him, he lets out three loud croaks. China supplier- Email - Skype ID - chanceller819 http-//

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