Slim K - Open Up Your Heart (Video Version 2)

Posted by SlimKhezri on Mar. 01, 2011

Open Up Your Heart by Slim K ? 2011 doubaJen Records for U.S. and International An updated second Video version of Open Up Your Heart (with added footage and scenes). Filmed on location in Santa Clarita, Santa Monica and Los Angeles (CA., USA) Directed and produced by Slim Khezri Camera Assistant: Tarek Laziz Khezri ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyrics by Slim Khezri (ASCAP) Vocals and Background by Slim Khezri Music by Stefan Schaper Produced by Stefan Schaper and Slim Khezri Executive Producer: Stefan Schaper Recorded in Hamburg, Germany Mixed in Hamburg, Germany and Los Angeles, USA Cover Art Design by Slim Khezri and Fabu Label: doubaJen Records Production: 2001, 2002, 2010 ? 2010 doubaJen Records for U.S. and International ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Available on iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody and more. UPC: 859704489853 Album Number(TC Song #): TCAAR1068712 Genre: Pop

Categories Pop Culture

Tags help, war, politics, single, humanity, ascap, michael jackson, earth song, rasicm, world peace, red cross, heal the world, we are the world, slim k, slim khezri, open up your heart, burn the disco, doubajen records, tarek laziz khezri, give peace a chance

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