Skull And Bones By DeathrowMonkey

Posted by DeathrowMonkey on Oct. 17, 2009

SKULL AND BONES CHAPTER 322===========================Music By: DeathrowMonkeyLyrics By: DeathrowMonkeyVerse 1----------------Heading For Self Destruction Lascivious {Means Lusting} From The Core My Skin Is Ripping And Shredding Apart All Thats Left Are my Skull and Bones Verse 2---------------Never Take Life For What It Measures Improvise For What Has Been ForSaken Ripping To Shreds My Skeletal Mass I Was Here And Now IM Dead Chorus All Thats LeftAre my My Skull And Bones One Last Breath The Final Moans Of Death My Blood Is Drained All That RemainsAre my Skull And Bones Verse 3--------------Skull And Bones Chapter 322 Is What I Am So Step Off All Those Other Scams With An Invitation Youll Rise To The Top. Verse 4--------------Connections in the right places Ill divide and conquer the world Take No Prisoners, Im in It for FTW Its your loss, it is my sin [GUITAR SOLO]

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