Skuff's Weekly Skid #10

Posted by SKUFFTV on Aug. 21, 2008

Episode 10 of Skuff's Weekly Skid takes to the cliffs of Norway where BASE jumpers Tom Erik Heimen and Andre Bach show off the size of their figs and explain why the do what the hell it is that they do. The Beer Fridge lads crank out the laughs, wrapping emselves in cardboard and toboggoning down a hill on skateboards. Despite throwing down some big names, sweet waves, tight editing, a booting soundtrack and even some epic animation in their new flick "Tomorrow Today" Transworld Surf aren't able to impress resident DVD critic Sticko this week. And in muzik we check in with Sydney producer Katalyst who teams the cream of Aussie hip hop with the cream of Aussie skate in his film clip for "All You've Got". - sign up to our newsletter yo!

Categories Sports

Tags sweet, australia, skateboard, skate, hip, hop, norway, river, whats, mc, nike, carnage, basejump, sydney, happening, spots, margaret, analog, skuff, beerfridge, nfa, yungun

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