SKS extended Magazine, AK 47 Mag. Candice

Posted by Shan1949 on Oct. 31, 2011

http-// Shooting up the Desert with AK 47 style SKS, Chinese made for Vietnam Chinese Type 63, 68, 73, 81, 84- Only a close relative to the SKS, these rifles shared features from several east-bloc rifles (SKS, AK-47, Dragunov). AK-47 style rotary bolt and detachable magazine. The Type 68 featured a stamped sheet-steel receiver. The 81 is an upgraded Type 68 with a three-round burst capability, some of which (Type 81-1) have a folding stock. The Type 84 (known as an SKK) returns to semi-auto fire only, is modified to accept AK-47 magazines, and has a shorter 16 paratrooper barrel. http-// http-// The SKS rifle is one of the top selling rifles on the market. Due to the surplus of millions of these remarkable SKS rifles, they are relatively inexpensive, as well as meticulously maintained. The SKS rifle operates on a short stroke gas piston, tilting bolt design, whic

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