Siri - Ultimate Combat Assistant

Posted by SneakyZebra on May. 07, 2012

So apparently Siri was originally developed for use in combat situations - well the good boys down at Sneaky Zebra Labs Inc. managed to unlock its core programming. Siri, Ultimate Combat Assistant or UCA, was meant to be an A.I. capable of any combat situation, equip-able by a HUD it assist the user with such tasks as Gun Statistics displays, Proximity alarms, Predator Vision (TM), Automatic Control & would even tell you the location of the nearest bad guys location. When Steve Jobs found out about this piece of tech, he brought up the rights & copyrighted it. Stuck it on the latest iPhone to use voice control on iOS & its original design lost forever. However soon as the Sneaky Zebra Labs Inc. discovered the other side to Siri a group or poorly paid & lacking in skills group of misfit mercenaries have been sent in to take her back. Chat with us on The Facebooks- http-// Tweet us on the Twitter- http-// Short action film from the Sneaky Zebra,

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