Sir Mike Tallon, PhD @ the Hollywood Improv

Posted by MikeTallon on Sep. 19, 2010

Read the lyrics below if the sound is too shitty. This is me performing jokes at the Ft. Lauderdale Improv. (indecipherable, girly voice) You know, nowadays, everybody's calling themselves Li'l Something. We've got Li'l Wayne, Li'l Scrappy, Li'l Kim... Li'l Flip, Li'l Jon... Li'l Romeo, Li'l Keke--it's getting ridiculous! It's gonna get the point to where we run out of names and some poor guy gets stuck with Lit'l Dick...singing about how hard he balls. I work in customer service and, uh, one time this blind guy called. I know he was blind cuz he wouldn't shut up about it, and he was such an asshole. So I decided to fuck with him, right? And so I started to say--and this is 100% true, I lie to you not--I started to say, Sir, sir! Can't you see why that's your balance? I'm sure you can see! There's no reason why you couldn't see... why that's your balance... I don't even know how he called me; I figure blind people must really love Bluetooth. Deaf people, though, the tragedy of their life is they could never

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