SIQ OF LAZY Coming Soon! 08.30.08

Posted by siqrecords on Aug. 02, 2008

Be sure to pick up SIQ of Lazy by Creed Chameleon coming soon on August 30th 2008! Available in stores and online at This PSA features Obese Jesus, Jake The Snake, Big Mox, TKO (fake Ion Myke), DJ Revise, Aaron aka Angry Woebots, JuanP, Tomo the Cornholio, Geologic of Blue Scholars, and of course... Creed Chameleon. Also... Album Release party happening at E&O Trading Company in Honolulu, Hawaii on Saturday August 30, 2008 featuring Creed Chameleon, Nomasterbacks, Hunger Pains, Bless'd Chil, The Perfect Median

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