Sinéad O'Connor : I Am Enough For Myself

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From 1997 Gospel Oak EP Produced by Sinéad O'Connor, John Reynolds, Donal Lunny I Am Enough for Myself (O'Connor) Oh, the days are long Till the baby comes God will take all fear If you say this clear I am enough for myself I don't need anything else I am enough for myself I am in your heart I only can have that part I am in your dreams I only can touch these things I am who gives the breath I am your nakedness I am nothing at all And I am singing your soul I am that I am that I am that, I am I am enough for myself Sinéad O'Connor - vocals, electric guitar John Reynolds - drums, bass, programming Clare Kenny - bass Justin Adams - guitar Caroline Dale - cello Carol Issacs - piano, accordion Ian Stanley - key sounds Davy Spillane - low and high whistle Donal Lunny - bozouki Graham Henderson - keyboards

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