Silent Movie Project For Video Broadcasting

Posted by James-Peavy-708 on Jun. 18, 2012

This was the last project we did for Video Broadcasting this year. This is our silent movie. Its about a guy and a girl on a date when another guy comes up and steals his date. Then, the two guys get in a fight. We were going to add more including an intro and sound effects, but we ran out of time. Anyways, enjoy. Director- James Peavy Camera Operator- Dodge Palmisano Video Editor- James Peavy Supervisor- Christina Tabrizipour... Actors- Christina Tabrizipour, Ethan Wirrick, James Peavy, Michael Wirrick, Brittany Bray, and Cameron Collins Thanks to the guys who beat us up, the lunch ladies for letting us use their dining room, and Mrs. Benton for a great year!

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