Silat Suffian Bela Diri - 12 Essential Gun / Firearm Disarms

Posted by smellthis on Mar. 07, 2011

http-// Visit us at the link above to know more about Bruneian Martial Arts. -------------------------------------------- ABOUT THE VIDEO In certain stuation, e.g. bank robbery, muggings, shop store robbery etc it is advisable to just agree to the demands of gun threats. But when u are faced with life and death situations where your immediate future and the ones you care about are at the balance e.g. kidnapping intentions, hostage situations, rape, forced to a secondary location or worst; you will have to do what ever it takes to avoid this. One effective way is to stop its escalation by initially gaining control of the weapon. It may be easier said then done but this is just one of the many option that you have. The principle of the gun disarm is by initially trapping the trigger finger and peeling it back towards the attacker breaking or dislocating the finger. No finger, No gun discharge. then redirecting the muzzle to the attacker. The difference between a professional & an untr

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