Sigur Ros, The Dandy Warhols, The Black Kids

In this episode of Tuned In with KCRW’s Nic Harcourt, Nic introduces five essential new albums: Sigur Ros with their new single Gobbledigook, The Dandy Warhols’ album …EARTH TO THE DANDY WARHOLS, Emily Wells’s compilation of new symphonies, South America’s Bajofondo’s album MARDULCE and the highly anticipated first album PARTIE TRAUMATIC from The Black Kids. Download this video as well as daily free music tracks at Created by 60Frames and KCRW. Hosted by Nic Harcourt. Tuned in with KCRW’s Nic Harcourt is a 60Frames original series. For more information, please visit us at Shop for Tuned In merchandise at