Sidney Crosby - Gatorade Inside Crosby

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Feb. 05, 2010

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Sidney Crosby Gatorade Inside Crosby is a 60-second Gatorade commercial airing in Canada stars NHL all-star Sidney Crosby. In the spot, Motion Theory explores whats inside the famous hockey prodigy visualizing the inner workings of Crosby in the seconds before he scores a goal. The advertisement starts with Crosby at the face-off, but time then slows down once the camera delves inside him to reveal a NASA-like mission control center, with a team of geniuses expediently strategizing and orchestrating his every move on the ice. The camera then ventures through Crosbys power center, a room pulsing with Gatorade fuel and Stanley Cup pistons, then dramatically pulls out of Crosbys eye as he targets the goal, shoots, and scores much to the delight of the multitudes of engineers working inside him to help make it all happen I don't own the video footage (The credit goes to rightful owners)

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