Posted by LaFlairParkour on Jan. 03, 2012

GUNS, BLOOD, STUNTS, BEER, & VOICES IN YOUR HEAD. DetriMEMNTAL is a shotgun shooter video incorporating stunt falls and elements of Parkour. Originally conceptualized by Jesse La Flair (Actor and Stunts) from and brought to life by Andrew Fraczak (Video) and Jason Minardi (Sound) The production of this project was decided upon on the spot and improvised in a few hours on Christmas night. After filming was complete, Andrew Fraczak professional compositor took the video and added the SFX. Once the special effects were added we knew we had something cool. But it wasnt until Jason Minardi a professional sound designer and producer signed on that this project reached its full potential. In 5 days this 3 part collaboration was completed! STORYLINE: We all face demons in are head, they whisper in the darkness and tell us to give up or do things that we are not proud of

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Tags guns, blood, beer, shot, stunts, shooter, shotgun, parkour, sfx, pistol, stuntman, after effects, gun shot, gun fight, muzzle flares, parkournaction, detrimental, jesse la flair, stunt falls

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