Shop With Your Heart - Dietitian and Author Elizabeth Somer

Posted by newsinfusion on Feb. 01, 2010

For more info visit www.newsinfusion.comYou already go to the grocery store at least once a week, so why not spend your money, and your time, more wisely. As January comes to a close, you’ve probably already lost track of your New Years resolutions. Registered dietitian and author Elizabeth Somer says all you may need to truly get on track is a little guidance on making smarter choices. She says the aisles of your local grocery store are chock-full of foods that can help you live a healthier life. Somer is author of Eat Your Way to Happiness: 10 Diet Secrets to Improve Your Mood, Curb Your Cravings and Keep the Pounds Off. She also writes Nutrition Alert, a newsletter that features up-to-the-minute nutrition research and ways we can apply it to our everyday lives. Elizabeth Somer offers her best tips for grocery shopping with a mind toward getting heart-healthy this year and it all comes down to shopping for what you already like, making it easy and affordable.

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