Posted by thesiqshow on Sep. 05, 2012

Sid ViSh stars in his first Toms toothpaste commercial for its new fluoride-free brand. After using the paste for the first time Sid says the mint used in flavoring the paste is not peppermint but SHITTERMINT. SHITTERMINT makes your breath not smell like shit but it takes like shit, get yours today. if you enjoyed our commercial leave us comment and you will be entered to win something SiQ!!! All skits written, directed, edited, and produced by Sid Vish & Q Fancy of SiQ Entertainment If you like social networks, find us on your fave site (like, follow, etc.) FACEBOOK- http-// TWITTER & INSTAGRAM @thesiqshow TUMBLR- http-// KEEK- http-// GOOGLE PLUS- https-//

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