SHI 360 - A SHADOW AT NOON - ?? 360

Just as the summer heats up, SHI 360, Israeli and international rapper, is gearing up to release his next single A Shadow at Noon from his latest album Shalom Haters. SHI 360 opens with a sense of nostalgia, a loss of innocence and a realization of the passing of the time: “I think back when I was younger/Everything was kosher/Days were longer/My family was closer/But my days are shorter/Its like I’m chasing time/Cause everything’s along the dollar sign.” As the lyrics flow through a piano melody, SHI 360 describes the struggle for lifes growing hardships. Meanwhile, the mistreated atmosphere of abandoned rooms, shattering glass, and fire in the video instills his inner struggle. Speaking more to his personal own struggle than the other songs on the “Shalom Haters” album, the song allows listeners see closer into SHI 360. The song accurately depicts his struggles. SHI 360, who was raised in Montreal, Canada, has overcome four heart surgeries and is now one of the leading pioneers in Middle Easter