Sherlock Holmes 2 Style Fight Scene

Posted by witnessthesickness on Aug. 08, 2012

The Sequel to our first Sherlock video. Once again the delusional man who believes he is Sherlock Holmes tries to demonstrate his abilities to an unforeseen turn of events. It appears that the delusional man is not alone in his delusions.... NOTE- Thanks to youtube darkening my videos I have had to overcompensate the light which means its looks kinda messed up but oh well! If you like this, check out some of our other videos. Homemade Riddles- 1)The more it passes, the more it repeats itself 2)Universal Laws that cannot be broken 3)Iam infinite but also delicious 4)Everybody has some, everybody wants more, with it comes power, without it comes mockery 5)it is free but you can also pay for it, with it life is active, without it, not so much Answers - 1)Time 2)Physics 3)Pi 4)Knowledge 5)Light Cut Riddles- 1)The more it tears, the stronger it gets 2)What magic power did Jesus have? 3)Once you leave it you have increased it Answers- 1)a muscle 2) The power to not exist 3)Space

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